Tisch Tabling Request Form

This form is for currently-enrolled undergraduate and graduate students in Tisch to request a table in the lobby of 721 Broadway for programmatic, promotional, or informational purposes.

. Only currently-enrolled Tisch graduate and undergraduate students may request a table.
. Tabling requests must be made a minimum of ONE WEEK in advance.

. Table(s) will be located between the columns opposite the security desk in the lobby of 721 Broadway.
. Students/groups may request table(s) in the lobby no more than twice in a semester.
. All tabling requests will be reviewed by the Tisch Office of Student Affairs.

Tisch strives for artistic expression among students, as well as a diversity of viewpoints. The request review process is content-neutral, however, tabling activities:

  1. Must adhere to Tisch Policies & Procedures and NYU community standards, as well as local and federal laws governing libel, hate speech, defamation, and harassment.
  2. May not include the distribution of illegal materials.

Partisan political activity, such as the promotion of a specific candidate, is permitted as long as the table collateral and materials distributed do not in any way imply NYU’s endorsement of a candidate or policy. Partisan political activity is not permitted in tandem with voter registration activities. Failure to comply with any of these guidelines can result in rejection of the tabling request.